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The Squadron Guide to the Movie Serials
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The House of Hate
Featuring Pearl White and Antonio Moreno
Blu-ray and Novel
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London After Midnight
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Eric Stedman grew up in Newtown, Pennsylvania and attended Washington College and has a B.A. Cum Laude in Film & Music from Temple University. He has worked as an art, music, theatrical, and film restoration director on projects which often tend to have some relation to historical events or theatrical and film productions of the late 19th and early 20th century.

When just out of college, after experience working as an illustrator, actor, and pianist/music director, he wrote the first musical adaptation of the classic story Beauty and the Beast, which was first performed professionally at Bristol Riverside Theatre and other locations in the Philadelphia area. Beauty and his other plays and musicals including Rapunzel, Peter Pan and Wendy and The Testimony of Lizzie Borden have been performed all over the world.

He also adapted and directed the premiere production of John Balderston’s Frankenstein, the play which was the basis of the 1931 film.

Eric currently publishes DVD editions of long-lost silent and sound movie serial films and is well known among fans of the form for his restorations of cliffhangers long thought lost, including the 1938 Lone Ranger serial, Beatrice Fairfax, The Hope Diamond Mystery, The Masked Rider, Daredevils of the West, The House of Hate, and Tarzan the Fearless. He also is the editor/author of the acclaimed print and video reconstructions of the groundbreaking 1916 paranormal-investigation series The Mysteries of Myra.

He has worked on video releases in association with the Library of Congress and the Hugh M. Hefner Moving Picture Archive at the University of Southern California.

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