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V4081803031 Blake of Scotland Yard
V4081803032 The Call of the Savage
V4081803033 Captain America
V4081803034 Clancy of the Mounted
V4081803035 Daredevils of the West
V4081803036 Darkest Africa
V4081803037 Deadwood Dick
V4081803039 The Devil Horse
V4081803040 Drums of Fu Manchu
V4081803041 The Eagle
V4081803042 The Fighting Marines
V4081803043 Gang Busters
V4081803045 The Green Archer
V4081803046 Great Advs Wild Bill Hickok
V4081803047 Heroes of the West
V4081803048 Holt of the Secret Service
V4081803053 Jungle Menace
V4081803054 King of the Mounties
V4081803416 King of The Texas Rangers
V4081803055 The Lone Defender
V4081803056 The Lone Ranger
V4081803057 The Lone Ranger Rides Again
V4081803058 Lost City of the Jungle
V4081803060 The Lost Special
V4081803061 Mala
V4081803063 The Master Key
V4081803065 Mystery Mountain
V4081803066 The Mystery of the Riverboat
V4081803067 The Mystery Squadron
V4081803068 The Mystery Trooper
V4081803069 The Painted Stallion
V4081803071 The Phantom Empire
V4081803072 Perils of Nyoka
V4081803073 Radio Patrol
V4081803074 The Red Rider
V4081803076 The Rustlers of Red Dog
V4081803077 The Secret of Treasure Island
V4081803080 The Sign of the Wolf
V4081803081 SOS Coast Guard
V4081803082 The Spider's Web
V4081803083 Tailspin Tommy In The Great Air Mystery
V4081803085 Tarzan the Fearless
V4081803086 The Trail of the Octopus
V4081803087 Undersea Kingdom
V4081803088 The Vanishing Legion
V4081803089 The Vanishing Shadow
V4081803090 The Wolf Dog
V4081803091 Zorro Rides Again
V4081803092 Zorro's Black Whip
V4081803093 Zorro's Fighting Legion